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Duty Cycle of Compressor units

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ACP Limited Warranty Coverage

Limitation and exclusions

Warranty rate limitations


ACP warrants all new products manufactured by ACP to be free of defective material or workmanship for the periods, and under the conditions stated herein. This warranty is expressly limited to repair or replacement of product found to be defective. ACP assumes no liability for loss due to failure of any product to perform satisfactorily. ACP makes no other warranty, expressed or implied, except that of title. Any and all other warranties are expressly disclaimed. This warranty applies under conditions of intended use and is exclusive of equipment subjected to: Lack of proper maintenance, excessive duty cycle, exposure to the elements (except those equipped for outdoor use), shipping damage and modification not authorized by ACP.


No warranty claims will be honored without prior authorization for repair from ACP. Any replaced or repaired equipment will be warranted for the remainder of the warranty term only.




CLIMATE CONTROL UNITS:       30 months from date of shipment or 24 months from start-up date unless third party compressor pumps are used.


TWO STAGE COMPRESSOR UNITS:      27 Months from date of shipment or 24 months from date of sale.


SINGLE STAGE COMPRESSOR UNITS:            15 months from date of shipment or 12 months from date of sale.

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·        Insure proper Installation


1.      Compressor unit must be level. Shim as necessary if bolting unit to floor. Never draw down any leg of the tank to meet the floor. This could lead to tank failure.


2.      Compressor unit must have a clearance of at least twelve (12) inches on all sides to any obstruction to insure proper cooling and provide for repair and maintenance access.


3.      Locate compressor unit in a clean dry area where adequate ventilation is available. Unit must not be exposed to temperature in excess of 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

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4.      Compressor unit power supply should be installed by a qualified electrician per NEMA and local codes. ACP does not warranty the power supply or failures caused by faulty current. “Note: Always check for correct flywheel rotation after installation or electrical repairs.”


5.      Customer agrees to the responsibility for shipping charges involved in the return of goods for warranty repair, replacement or analysis.


·        Perform Adequate Maintenance


1.      Maintain correct lubricant at full mark.

2.      Keep air filters clean. Replace when necessary or recommended.

3.      Keep belts properly tensioned.

4.      Change crankcase lubricant as required.

5.      Clean and service valves regularly (on compressor pumps with removable valve assemblies in head or heads). Lubricate and maintain unloaders.

6.      Keep safety valves and protection devices intact and working properly.

7.      Never increase the cut-off pressure setting. This could cause failure of the unit or personal injury.

8.      Maintain tension of all fasteners (Head bolts, etc.)

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A properly-sized and installed compressor unit should experience shut0off periods between cycles adequate to allow cooling of the compressor pump, electric motor, and electronic controls. Continually exceeding the designed duty cycle may lead to product failure. The following duty cycle listing is to be used as a guideline to insure proper sizing of the compressor unit for the particular application.


·        Climate control simplex units should not exceed a 33% duty cycle. Duplex units should not exceed a combined duty cycle of 50%.


·        Industrial simplex units should not exceed a 60% duty cycle nor should Duplex units exceed a combined duty cycle of 80% unless equipped for constant run.

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Damage in transit does not constitute a warrantable situation. Persons receiving a shortage of goods, or damaged goods, must provide notice to the carrier in writing, prior to acceptance of goods. It is the receiver’s responsibility to notify ACP immediately in the event of damages or shortages especially if a shipment is to be refused due to freight damage. ACP will assist the customer to help rectify the situation as quickly as practical.

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ACP, or its designee, will repair or replace (at ACP’s discretion) any air compressor pump found to be defective for the length of the warranty term applicable. ACP does not warranty any air vessels, electric motors, gasoline or diesel engines, magnetic starter, alternators, pressure switches or other electronic or mechanical control devices beyond the extent of their manufactures warranty and policies to ACP. This is inclusive of automatic tank drains and refrigerated air dryers. Claims presented for labor or travel associated with non-warranty repairs will not be considered. ACP will assist with non-warranty repairs only to the extent of providing replacement parts on a “subject to evaluation” exchange basis. At no time shall any component be returned to the factory for any reason without a return agreement number (authorization number) having been issued for tracking purposes. Failure to secure a return agreement and display this number on the returned goods will result in a delay or possible denial of the claim. Contact your dealer in the event of a product failure.

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1.      Air compressor units and bare pumps of less than five (5) horsepower have no provision for travel associated with authorized warranty repairs. These units, and any intended as “portable”, must be transported to ACP’s closest designated repair depot.


2.      Air compressor units equipped with third party compressor pumps are warranted only to the extent of their manufacture’s warranty to ACP. These manufactures reserve the right to require return of the defective equipment to them for repair or replacement upon evaluation. ACP shall not be responsible for these charges.


3.        The customer is responsible for providing easement for service and repair of the compressor unit. Labor charges stemming from accessing unit will be the customers responsibility.  This includes any additional manpower or equipment deemed necessary as a result of inaccessibility.


4.        ACP will not cover charges for warranty repairs which are in excess of a pre-agreed hourly rate or which are performed at an “overtime rate”.


5.      Customer assumes responsibility for charges as a result of missed appointments for scheduled repairs. ACP will not be responsible for serviceman’s delays caused by customer not providing access to unit at time of repair, persons arrival or for delays caused by customer’s inability to shut down air system, if need be, for warranty repairs.

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1.      A maximum hourly rate that ACP will reimburse for the repair of units designed as “Industrial Duty” has been established at $40.00 per hour. Travel to and from the job site will be paid at a rate of 50% of the labor rate. The service depot may charge this rate for service travel or $.025 per mile, but not both. These rates do not apply to depots servicing or repairing units that they have sold. Their rate has been established at $18.50 per hour and $/040 per mile. (No travel labor Allowed)


2.      A maximum hourly rate that ACP will reimburse for the repair of units designated as “Climate Control” or “Breathing Air” has been established at $50.00 per hour. Travel associated with repairs will be at 50% of the labor rate. The service depot may charge this rate for service travel or $.040 per mile, but not both.


3.      A maximum of $50.00 shall be paid and not exceeded for any service call made for the purpose of investigating a customers complaint and assessing defective equipment in need of repair only after the authorization of a ACP representative.


4.      ACP’s maximum liability for repairs to any air compressor shall not exceed  25% of the selling price under any circumstance.


5.      The maximum of 100 miles travel per service or repair action shall be allowed unless otherwise authorized by ACP.

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A means of payment for the repair or replacement of components must be secured by ACP prior to the release for shipment any of these components for the proposed warranty repair or replacement. In the event the returned components are found to have failed as a result of misuse, abuse or neglect as opposed to faulty material; the customer agrees to be responsible for payment to ACP for the parts, labor and any other related costs.

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